A Whimsical Tale of Love and BBQ Sauce

Hey there, fellow romantics! Ready to dive into a story that's straight out of a fairytale? Buckle up because we're about to take you on a wild ride through the enchanting journey of Josh and Gillian's love story – complete with secret first dates, swan boat proposals, and, yes, a BBQ sauce fiasco!

Let's rewind to the beginning, shall we? Picture it: Youth group at church, where sparks started to fly between Josh and Gillian. But it wasn't until November 2019 that destiny intervened. Upon discovering that Josh was single, Gillian decided to shoot her shot and slide into his DMs. Fast forward to 2020, and these two lovebirds officially started dating. Who knew that a little message could lead to a lifetime of happiness?

Now, let's talk about those first dates. Oh boy, did they bring the magic! Their inaugural outing was a covert mission to see Christmas lights at Central Park in Lake Mary, FL. And if that wasn't romantic enough, their second official date involved meeting the parents (cue the nerves!) before hitting up the movies and making a pit stop at McDonald's – where Josh managed to wear his BBQ sauce instead of eating it. Talk about making a memorable impression!

But wait, it gets even better. Picture this: a sunny April day, a serene swan boat gliding across Lake Eola, and Josh trying to contain his nerves as he plans to pop the question. Mid-boat ride, with the water gently lapping against the sides, Josh gets down on one knee and asks the question that will alter the course of their lives. And yes, the boat managed to stay afloat amidst Gillian's shock and joy!

After the big "yes" comes the wedding planning frenzy. But fear not, because Josh and Gillian are pros at turning dreams into reality. They choose Bridle Oaks as their venue – a rustic paradise that's the perfect backdrop for their fairytale affair. With Pinterest as their trusty sidekick, they craft a vision filled with lush greens and whimsical touches that scream "happily ever after."

Now, let's talk about the big day. From the moment their guests arrive, they're swept up in a whirlwind of love and laughter. During the ceremony, they braided a three-cord strand representing themselves and God. But the real showstopper? The wedding party entrances! Each group struts their stuff to the tune of their chosen song, vying for the coveted title of Best Entrance. And let's just say, the competition is fierce – with cash prizes on the line, it's a spectacle that nobody will forget anytime soon!

As the sun sets on their magical day, Josh and Gillian find themselves surrounded by the people they love most in the world. And in that moment, they realize that this – right here, right now – is what it's all about. Because when you've got love in your heart and BBQ sauce on your shirt, anything is possible.

So, to all you lovebirds out there planning your own fairytale wedding, take a page out of Josh and Gillian's book. Embrace the journey, cherish the moments, and remember that sometimes, the most magical love stories begin with a simple message and a swan boat ride. Here's to happily ever after!


Photography: Koontz Photography

Videography: PB&J Studios

Venue: Bridle Oaks

Planning: Heartwood Events

DJ: DJ Phil Joeckel

Catering: Mission BBQ

Cake: Chaces Cakes

Hair: Shear Method