Hello. Hola. Nǐ hǎo. Bonjour. Kon’nichiwa

I'm Daniella Koontz

I am your personal point of contact from beginning to end. This means I will be here to answer all your questions, I’ll be the one who photographs you and the one who edits your images. When you reach out, text, or comment on social media, I'll be the one responding!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Photography has been a life-long passion of mine. With over two decades behind the lens, I have experienced the evolution from film to digital. 

I was a yearbook photographer, and just generally always had a camera in my hand growing up. When I married a photographer, people started asking us to photograph them. So in 2006 we opened Koontz Photography together. Since then he has followed a different career path in the hospitality industry. He now works in transportation at Walt Disney World, so you might see us there!

Together we have four amazing children, so owning my own company has given me the flexibility to set my own schedule and do the majority of my work from home. You heard that right, for every hour I'm out there photographing people, there are countless hours of work to do on the computer.


Besides the technical skills that I’ve developed over time, countless classes, seminars, and workshops; I can relate to a client’s needs on multiple personal levels, which means I can bring my personal experience to each session. 

Being a wife, I’ve been in a bride’s shoes planning a wedding. I’ve been on the other side of the camera trying to plan family photos. I wholeheartedly understand the stress of trying to find the time, make decisions, and organize it all, and I am here to help take that stress off of you where I can.

Being a mother has taught me patience, and organizational skills, and has trained me to become a better problem solver. I always strive to make the experience fun for the entire family. I will do anything to make your children feel at ease. Even if that means pulling out my killer Blue’s Clues impression, Baby Shark song and dance, or engaging them with questions about their favorite TV show.

When you book with me, you are getting more than someone to “press a button”, you are investing in a friend. I will be there next to you every step of the way, from choosing outfits, and picking out gorgeous locations, to helping you wrangle family, friends, and pets.

Favorite Things

Bears.Beats.Battlestar galactica

Favorite color: Black... or Rainbow
Favorite animals: Bats, Crows, Cats, T-Rex
Favorite Game: Genshin Impact, Halo, Mario
Favorite animated animals: Stitch & Bluey
Favorite Music: 90's Alternative, Emo
Favorite ride: Cosmic Rewind
Favorite Animes: AOT, Kimetsu no Yaiba
Favorite food: Tacos

I love costumes, games, art, museums, science centers, dinosaurs, space, animals, travel, nature, and all the silliness of life.

Personal Life

Besides photographing weddings and portraits, I’ve also done a lot of other work including photographing musicians, body painting, and cosplay. These photos have been internationally published in magazines, books, and merchandise across the world. But by far, my favorite accomplishments have been being published by the Smithsonian, as well as being included in one of their traveling exhibits, “Water/Ways”. 

When it comes to relaxation and fun, I love getting to experience life all over again through the eyes of my children. I mean, who doesn’t love board games, crafting, cosplay, and going to museums?

When it comes to my love of art, I was classically trained in oil painting but later discovered my love of watercolors. I enjoy working with people who love life and share my appreciation for the quirky, unique, and nerdy things in it.

When it comes to organizations that I support, I always focus on helping organizations that fight homelessness, hunger, and cancer. I support organizations that help children and animals find homes, get more STEAM programs into places, and keep the arts in schools. I have also recently joined Stand in Pride (Southeast) where we give the LGBTQ+ community emotional support and physically stand in at life events when needed.