Lia + Justin

In the quaint town of Oxford, OH, fate had a peculiar way of bringing two souls together. He, a charismatic bartender sporting a kilt, and she, wearing a pair of jeans that people were signing. It was an encounter that would set the stage for a remarkable journey of love and companionship.

Their initial meeting was nothing short of serendipitous. He mustered the courage to make a move, and she, captivated by his charm, willingly shared her number. Though life's twists and turns momentarily led them on different paths, their friendship remained steadfast, a beacon of light amidst life's uncertainties.

As time passed, their bond grew stronger, each becoming the standard by which they measured prospective partners. Amidst subtle hints from family and an undeniable longing for each other's company, they realized that their destiny was intertwined.

With a plan to bridge the geographical gap that separated them taking longer than expected, they courageously decided to dive headfirst into the chaos of love, and moved in together.

But it was the proposal that truly encapsulated the essence of their love story. With the decision to move in together marking a significant milestone in their relationship, the groom-to-be knew that the time had come to pop the question. Armed with a custom-designed ring and a heart full of love, he orchestrated a proposal that would leave her speechless.

Choosing a familiar setting to avoid arousing suspicion, he opted for a personal touch and concealed the proposal within a fortune cookie. As they indulged in Chinese takeout and the anticipation mounted, he seized the perfect moment to present the cookie containing the question that would change their lives forever. Her initial reaction was a double take where she asked if Justin was serious. After he re-asked the question Lia's reaction swiftly turned to joy as she accepted his heartfelt proposal, sealing their commitment to each other.

Fast forward to their wedding planning journey, and it was clear that this couple was anything but ordinary. Every detail was a reflection of their unique personalities, favorite fandoms, and a shared passion for all things nerdy. From scouring thrift stores for trinkets to enlisting the help of local businesses for DIY projects, every aspect of their celebration was infused with their unique personalities. Their wedding decor was truly a labor of love, with each element carefully curated to wow their guests.

Their chosen venues held special significance, reflecting their shared interests and personal connections. With Justin being a member of the Masonic Lodge where they exchanged vows and the reception venue doubling as a rehearsal space for his Big Band, their wedding day was a testament to the depth of their love and the importance of community.

In a world where wedding traditions reign supreme, Lia and Justin decided to march to the beat of their own drum – or should I say, the strum of their own harp? From the moment Lia entered the room after her four brothers, who served as her swordbearers, it was clear that this celebration was going to be anything but ordinary.

Justin entered the room to "Test Flight" from How to Train Your Dragon, while Lia walked down the aisle to "Into the Open Air", from Brave. Their tiny flower girls wore tartan sashes and the ring bearers were dressed similar to Hobbits. They came down the aisle to a harp cover of, "Concerning Hobbits." As soon as Lia reached the end of the aisle, one of her brothers stepped forward and quoted the famous line, "Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today."

Beyond the exchanging of rings, Lia and Justin also incorporated a handfasting ceremony into their vows, a beautiful tribute to their commitment to each other. Their vows, sprinkled with references from their favorite films, gave guests a good chuckle. As they exited the stage, Lia's swordbearers formed an arch for them to walk through, symbolizing their passage into this new chapter of their lives together.

After capturing some breathtaking photos at Kraft Azalea Gardens, we reconvened with the guests at the German American Society's building for a cocktail hour filled with laughter and good music. But the festivities were far from over.

Following the introductions, Lia and Justin dove headfirst into the German wedding tradition of sawing a log, known as Baumstamm sägen. As they worked together to overcome this symbolic obstacle, it was clear that these two will do whatever it takes to work together to overcome whatever obstacles come their way.

After heartfelt speeches that had everyone in stitches – thanks in part to the DJ's playful use of the Oscar fanfare for lengthy speeches – Lia and Justin embarked on a table dash to capture a photo with all of their beloved guests.

And what's a celebration without dancing and late-night snacks? The evening concluded with joyous revelry and the satisfying crunch of late-night pretzels, a fitting end to a day filled with love, laughter, and a touch of magic.

In a world where wedding traditions often dictate the script, Lia and Justin dared to write their own, creating a celebration that was as unique and beautiful as their love story itself. And as their photographer, I feel honored to have been a part of their unforgettable day. As they embark on this new chapter in their journey together, their love story continues to inspire all who had the privilege of witnessing it unfold.


Photography: Koontz Photography @KoontzPhotography

Coordinator: Rêverie Events @Reve.Events

DJ: Zouain @djzouain

Hair: Angel Cardona @AngelCardona

Makeup: Sheri @OrlandoDreamTeam

Ceremony Venue: Masonic Temple - Winter Park @WinterPark239

Reception Venue: German American Society of Central Florida @OrlandoGermanClub

Couples Portrait Location: Kraft Azalea Gardens

Catering: El Potro

Desserts: Publix Bakery @publix

Dress: David’s Bridal @davidsbridal

Kilt: St. Kilda Kilts @stkildakilts

Rings: Victoria Jewelers @victoriajewelers