Wedding Tips



Have your family list written out in groupings with names as well as relations or if it is one group under one surname, you can add that. That way your photographer can say, "We need the X family, with A, B, C, and D." Also, don't forget to let those family members know that they are needed directly after the ceremony for pictures!

When walking into the reception, wait or continue to do your celebratory dance out of the doorway and onto the dance floor. This ensures your photographer gets several great shots. Instead of going directly to your seat, have the wedding party stand against the head table and walk into your first dance.


When planning an indoor wedding, make sure the photographer has aisles on both sides of the rows of chairs so that you can get more angles than just from the center of the room.

When walking down the aisle, make sure you and your wedding party look up and smile. Make sure those with bouquets hold them at the same heigh at their belly button. This makes sure that you don't block your face or details on the top of your dress.

Ask your officiant to move out of the way before they announce your first kiss as the newly married couple. This way your photographer gets a clear shot of your first kiss without the officiant in the background.


Have you heard of unplugged wedding ceremonies? This is where you ask your guests to put away their cellphones and cameras and be fully present in the moment with you. This creates an atmosphere for better professional photos, and allows your friends and family to really be in the moment.

More and more people are doing a first look with their partner before the ceremony. This is especially good in fall/winter months when the light fades fast and we are rushing to get all of your photos taken before the sun goes down. It's a great way to get a larger selection of romantic couples portraits.


When looking for a venue, make sure they have a backup plan for inclement weather. Also, take into account if they have air conditioning or heaters for hot or cold weather. It might be a beautiful venue, but you want to be comfortable throughout the day!

Instead of doing toasts before or after dinner - plan to have your toasts while everyone is being served or when all tables have gotten their food. This will allow more time for dancing.

Make sure your vendors (Photo, Video, DJ, Planner) eat when you eat. If your vendors have to wait until all of the guests have been served, they will not have time to eat before the next events need to happen.


Know what time sunset is and where the sun will be if you are having an outside ceremony. Too bright of sun can cause hard shadows and squinting during your ceremony and during family photos. You also don't want to be rushing through photos to get them done before the sun sets and you lose the light.

Having an inspiration board for poses you really like is always encouraged. Asking your photographer to replicate those photos is not. You should trust your photographer to get the best photos that tell the story of your day and the love that you share.


Make sure you have someone who knows how to bustle the dress, put in the veil, tie the bowtie, fold the pocket square etc. If nobody does, be prepared with instructions on paper or videos online.

During the ceremony, especially when saying your vows and when exchanging the rings, look at your partner! So many people look at the officiant while repeating the vows. You aren't marrying the officiant, so look into the eyes of your significant other for the full impact and for beautiful photos.

If you are planning a sparkler exit, make sure to have your last dance at least 15 minutes before your photographer has to leave. It will take that long to get everyone outside, give them sparklers, and get them lit. Have you heard the expression about herding cats? It's a bit like that.


Pack and emergency kit. Include needle and thread, stain remover pen, white chalk, safety pins, hygiene products, super glue, bobby pins, pain medication, band aids, etc. If you are having a summer wedding, think of investing in personal battery powered fans. Winter wedding? Hot Hands work on cold hands and cold feet!

When selecting a videographer for your wedding, ask him what distance lenses he will be working with. You don't want a videographer who only has a really short lens where they will be up at the alter with you the entire time, thus blocking the view for the guests and for the photographer. Ask if they have a long lens so that they can stand towards the back.


Even if you don't purchase a special hanger for your wedding dress, bring a wooden one from home. Wedding dresses normally come on a plastic hanger, which are not as visually pleasing in photos.

Wear kiss proof lipstick on your wedding day. This way you can kiss your spouse without it coming off on their lips. Your photos will be so much more romantic if you aren't afraid to kiss! You can also eat and drink without worrying about having to reapply it.

When taking group photos and you wrap your arm around another person, make sure your hand isn't sticking out on their shoulder or waist. Achieve this by putting your hand on the small of their back instead of wrapping it all the way around them.