What advice should customers think through before talking to professionals about their session?

"While a lot of people are thinking about their budget, I highly encourage people to get to know their photographer and their photographer's portfolio. If you are relaxed and at ease with your photographer, your session or wedding is going to be much more fun and produce better end results. If your photographer causes you to feel tense, or is disconnected from you as a person, it is going to show in your photos and you aren't going to have good memories attached to the images." 


Can I give you a list of photos off of Pinterest that I want to recreate?

 "While I encourage using the internet to collect general ideas, get inspired, and figure out how you might want to coordinate outfits.... printing off a list of photos to copy is frowned upon. Why?

  1. "You should hire your photographer because you like THEIR work, and you trust them to do what they are good at. Your photographer has spent years crafting their skills. Trust your photographer."

  2.  "Trying to recreate a photo can be difficult on so many levels, and can eat up all the time that you've booked with your photographer, while causing stress and tension."

  3. "Most photographers want to tell YOUR story, they want to connect with you organically, they want to capture you. Copying someone else's pose, is like trying to fit you into a mold. It isn't you, and it can never be exact, so then chances of you being happy with the results are limited."

  4. "If this is for a wedding, the only list that I need is a list of family names IN the groupings that you want taken (see below for more info). I need to know if there are any surprises, and gifts to be exchanged, any special sentimental things that I wouldn't otherwise know about. I don't need a shot list, just anything special about your day that I need to know about."


I need to lose x amount of pounds before I get photos taken...

"Today IS the day, let's have fun, let's create art, let's make memories together! You are you, no matter what size, shape, color or if you need a pedicure or your roots dyed. We can always find an excuse as to why we don't feel good enough to have our picture taken. But yesterday is already past, and tomorrow is not promised.... so let's celebrate and remember who you are today."


What do we wear to our photography session?

"Wear clothes that fit nicely, that you can move around in. Choose solids and simple patterns as well as textures and layers. When dressing an entire family, your color doesn't need to match exactly, but it is nice to same in the same hue of colors. Pick a favorite color and then accent with a complimentary color. You can bring in jewelry, belts, accessories etc that bring that pop of color into your photo. The fun thing about layers, is that you can take things off or add things and create completely different looks without having to change your clothes. If you want to bring different outfits, go ahead! Just keep in mind the time it takes to change, and how long you've booked your photographer. If you keep them past the time they've scheduled for you, there may be extra charges"


Can't you just Photoshop that out? Can you make me skinnier?

"The simple answer is yes. The complicated answer is; Are you willing to pay for that? Even moreso, are you willing to pay for that times however many photos are taken? It only takes a few seconds to make sure you get the best photos. So, take your wallet out of your pocket, take your sunglasses off, put your phone away, don't put your drink right behind you or next to you in the photo. Taking a few extra seconds to get the shot right will save tons of time for the photographer, and will save you money.


Thankfully, a professional photographer will know how to capture you at a good angle and use their equipment, surroundings, and lightings to capture the best photos of you. We take the time to cull out any unflattering photos. All images will be post-processed, and extra retouching is always available if needed. So, don't worry, we have you covered either way."

Pre-ceremony timeline3

So, how do I write this list of names for my family portraits at my wedding? 

"Family photos after the ceremony will take up the most time on your wedding day. Creating a list beforehand will help family portraits go faster and smoother. If you start with the large groups, and write out each person's first name either myself or my assistant can call out each name and have them come into the photo. If you start with the largest groups that include grandparents, and any small children they may be released to cocktail hour soonest."


Do you have suggestions for other vendors? 
I highly suggest hiring a wedding planner for your event. They have an amazing arsenal of vendors that they know and love working with, and sometimes they can even get you a good deal if you book through them! If you are getting married in West Volusia, you can always take a look at the wedding guide put together by the tourist center. If you haven't booked your venue yet, check out this awesome website resource:

Why have a first look at our wedding? 
More and more people are doing a first look with their soon to be partner before the ceremony. This is especially good in fall/winter months when the light fades fast and we are rushing to get all of your photos taken before the sun goes down. After talking to many couples who have chosen to have a first look, most have said that it didn't take away from the feelings when you first see each other walking down the aisle. It's a great way to calm any pre-ceremony jitters, and have a moment away from all the commotion to really see and talk to each other on your wedding day. It's a great way to get a larger selection of romantic portraits of just the two of you. If you like this idea, but still want to keep with the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, we have also arranged photos where you are on either side of a door, or around a corner and can still talk to each other, hold hands, or exchange gifts. These also make really beautiful photos and lasting memories. 

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So, we'd like to book you for our wedding.... what happens next?
What happens next