I offer two different options - Commercial Headshots and Commercial Branding. What are the differences between the two? Your headshots clearly show who you are, but your branding portraits show what you do, which elevates your character. 

Commercial headshots are great for business owners who need one good image to use as their profile picture on social media or their website. They are also great for company team pages that introduce your clients to the staff. One impactful headshot can often be enough to help clients or customers put a face to a name. They convey the first glimpse of the person in the shot and can give the viewer a hint as to the person’s personality. First impressions are important, so your online images should always be up to date. 

Commercial branding sessions tell visual stories so that potential clients can better connect with your brand. These images explore more aspects of your business and the products that you offer. It gives the viewer a little more of a look into what you are all about. Your commercial branding session not only includes headshots but will include action shots of you interacting with your products, clients, or business tools. Branding photos are great for social media posts, headers, banners, newsletters, and printed media such as newspaper articles, magazines, and even book covers. If you have a brick and mortar business these photos can feature your building so that potential clients know ahead of time where they are going, and what to expect when they arrive. 

When you book a commercial branding session with me, we will make a list of the different aspects of your business that you would like your potential clients to see. Gather ideas for images that you would want on each page of your website, future blogs, or marketing materials that you plan to make. Write down all the different images that you would want to include in those. With a variety of images in your brand photo library, you’ll be able to pull from them daily to keep all of your content fresh and new! 


Most of my headshot sessions are done on location at a park or historic downtown area. Anything can be beautiful from a city street, brick wall, or a garden. Keep in mind the time of day that is best for photography - an hour or two before sunset. Is the location still open? Are there any events going on that might invite crowds? If you are doing a commercial branding session, we can even do a mix of outdoor and indoor photos to provide a variety of settings for different uses in your marketing media.


If you don't have a general uniform or go to outfit that you wear to work here are some suggestions about choosing clothing for your photo session. Solid, simple patterns, textures, and layers all look good on camera. Do you have a color palette for your business? Try dressing in those colors or using them as an accent. You can bring in jewelry, belts, or other accessories that bring a pop of color into your photo. The fun thing about layers is that you can add or remove things to create completely different looks without having to change your clothes. 

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