Zenfolio has my Heart

May 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

This blog is for all the photographers out there, hobby photographer to pro. Zenfolio has my full confidence. When I was first starting out I was a huge user of Flickr, and for my professional work I used a company that I don't even remember. Then for the longest time I was an avid Smugmug user. I loved them, they were the greatest. Even when I moved my website and blog to Zenfolio, I still kept my gallery at Smugmug. But after a few years of that it became apparent that I could save money by moving everything to Zenfolio. It took me a very long time to make the switch because I had SO many galleries, and I was a loyal customer. I love Smugmug and I loved the printers that I used there. If you are looking for just a place to host your gallery and make sales, they are great.

If you are like me though, and want EVERYTHING from one place Zenfolio is the place to go. I have my website, my blog, and galleries all in one place. The reason for this blog today is because recently I had a huge problem. I accidentally deleted all of my blog galleries. I have no clue how it happened. The day that it happened I wasn't even home most of the day. But it did.... and I freaked out more than you know. That's over a years worth of blogs and SEO GONE! But I e-mailed customer support thinking that I won't hear anything until Monday since it's the weekend... but I was wrong. Within a couple hours I heard back from the company and my files were still on their servers and they restored them to their former glory! I just had to change them back to public galleries and BAM, all my blogs are back in business.

Their super quick customer support has me grateful that I trusted all my business to one company. They have my 5 star rating for sure! So if you haven't decided on a company to host your work, or if you are thinking of switching, Zenfolio for the win!


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