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Happy 2018!

January 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I hope 2017 was a good year for all of you! I had a great year full of weddings, family sessions, and time spent with my three daughters as they tackled FLVS (virtual school) for their second year in a row.

As with the closing of each year, I sit down and assess my numbers, and prep for this year's taxes. In doing so, I also see what changes need to be made in our structure and price list. For the past few years I have priced my weddings separate from any products to really focus on what people purchase most of. I've taken those figures, and added them into our wedding packages for 2018

I have also decided to start my own newsletter, which I've lovingly called my *P*ewsletter - a mix of "P" for photography and "pew" for the sound the blasters in Star Wars. If you aren't making the noise in your head, we can't be friends ;) lol.

Anyway, the *P*ewsletter will be a place where I can send out coupons, sales, and little tid bits of information, like what is found in my FAQ page to people each month. I'm hoping that it will keep photography in people's minds as something that is quite important; because life is short, and memories are the most precious things that we leave others. 

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Cleaning up and organizing my businesses also means all the extra websites that I am on. Since word of mouth is really the largest factor in getting business, I really would appreciate more reviews/testimonials on these websites. Even if you copy and paste the same review to each one, I would really appreciate it and promise cookies in return. Seriously, let's get together and bake some cookies.... put a little ice cream in the middle and voila, ice cream sandwiches! 

Here are some links if you'd be so kind: Google Review, Facebook Review,




If you have any ideas for 2018 let me know! I look forward to working with you in the new year!!!!