Koontz Photography | Trash 2 Trends 2016 Runway Show

Trash 2 Trends 2016 Runway Show

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This year I was invited by the organization Keep Orlando Beautiful to photograph their annual event Trash 2 Trends, sponsored by and held at Sea World. The runway show successfully brought the fashion and art of local artists together with the environmental community to promote sustainability in an innovative way! 

Keep an eye on our gallery for more photos from this year's Trash 2 Trends and my photos from 2015's show


Designer: Bethany Mikell
Model: James Gray
Title: Metal Guru
Materials Used: plastic bags, cardboard and shoe boxes, plastic bottles, fabric scraps (lining), quilt batting scraps (from old comforter), thread
“Metal Guru” was inspired by the T.Rex song of the same name and is an avant-garde nod to ‘70s glam-rock. The materials used were mostly odds and ends that were found while Bethany was cleaning her sewing and design room. She found quite a few bags, boxes, and scrap fabric and wanted to use as much of these materials as possible, without throwing the majority in the recycling bin or trash. She experimented with quilting plastic bags and creating “feathered” trash bag fringe, cut cardboard into various paillettes, and applied textile paint for the metallic finish.

Designer: Christina Woodman
Model: Brittany Heidemann
Title: Dream in Black and White
Materials: Used bicycle inner tubes, pleated paper (leftover from commercial fabric pleating), worn down bicycle chain, used plastic shopping bags.
As an avid cyclist, Christina is always sorry to throw away her inner tubes when she gets flat tires because they seem to have so much more life left in them. The smoothness and curves of the tubes remind her of the curves of the body, which inspired her to use them on the bodice. The pleated crispness of the paper serves as a great contrast to the curves of the inner tube bodice. The colors of the materials remind her of the iconic colours of the Ascot races, which she stylistically exemplified in my design.

Designer: Gail K. Warner
Model: Laura Greer
Title: Bling Ring
Materials Used vintage place mats , over 550 plastic 6-pack rings, small plastic wine bottles, CDs, 189 foils from bottles of wine, feathers leftover from a fascinator, garden fencing
Ziggy Stardust has descended upon Downton Abbey and now Lady Mary wants to be Lady Gaga. Gail’s inspiration came from the textures, shapes and colors found each week in items destined for her recycle bin. She created this look to demonstrate the volume of post-consumer waste that is accumulated in a relatively brief period of time. All items used in the creation of Bling Ring were collected in less than two months.

Designer: Helaine Schneider
Model: Angela Rollo
Title: Transformation
Materials Used: polyethylene plastic, scraps from banners from a sign making companies dumpster
This dress is like an onion, there are many layers. Just when you think you know what to expect everything changes right before your eyes. Some people choose to see things in black and white; Helaine chooses to see all of the colors.

Designer: Nancy Alonso
Model: Ivana Fiorella
Title: The Wave
Materials Used : Mostly recyclables form the hospital including packing materials, medicine caps, plastic bottles, newspapers, other plastics and cardboard
Nancy’s inspiration came from work, as she saw packages delivered. The products and medicine used on daily basis made her think about flow and movement, like the waves. Nancy’s dress has materials from her job, like boxes, spoons, bags, medicine caps and plastic bottles. Using fabric manipulation, she is able to create waves around the body to represent the constant movement of materials.