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November 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

First blog post! Some of you know that my MAC crashed a month or so ago. I didn't make it super public, because I didn't want anyone to panic. All client files are safe and secure. I did, on the other hand, lose things like my website design and other little things that I hadn't thought to back up. It has been super stressful trying to move my things from the Mac to a PC (the PC can't even see some of my Mac files on my external hard drives), but the PC is slower, the colors are off, and I feel like I've been limping along. On the positive side, it has forced me to sit down and take some time for myself and UPDATE my website and blog! When you run your own company, you seem to spend all your time focused on everyone else. It is nice to take some time to revamp my own image of myself! It's kind of like cleaning house, while learning how to use new and improved tools! So, thanks everyone for your patience while I transition, repair, replace, and renew my company this winter! 

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