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I am here to help you focus on the best parts of your life; your family and your friends. My aim is to tell your story through a combination of photojournalistic photography, candid photos, and relaxed portraiture. My mission is to capture the moments that captivate your heart. I want to create images that keep you looking back on them for years to come.

I enjoy working with people who are full of love for life. Quirky, unique, nerdy - I’m all for it! I want to hear all about how you met, how the proposal went, what you guys do for fun, and if you have any pets. If you are looking for a creative professional who can get the job done and have fun doing so, you've found me! 

I'm a mother of four, and it has really taught me to see the beauty in everyday life. The interactions between people inspires me each and every day, and I am up for any challenges that come along with it. Being a mother makes me a natural problem solver. If you have children, you can relax knowing you’re with someone who understands the meltdowns, the stress, and the children who want to run, crawl, or climb constantly. If you are a bride, know that I’m great at making sure the groomsmen behave themselves for photos - you can see the correlation I’m getting at here.

When you book with me, you are getting more than someone to press a button, you are investing in a friend. I will be there next to you ever step of the way, from choosing outfits, picking out gorgeous locations, to helping you wrangle family members and pets. On your wedding day, I’ll be there to remind you to breathe, make sure your hair is in place, make sure you stay hydrated, show you how to hold your bouquet, pin the boutonnière on the groomsmen, I will make sure we stay on schedule, help guide you as to what to do next, and be a source of encouragement throughout your day, and even hold your dress up for you to go to the bathroom if need be. It’s more than a photo that I’m taking, it’s a memory I’m preserving - and I want only the best memories for you.

So, I invite you to take a look around my website, read my testimonials, check out my pricing, my portfolio, and even friend me on the book of faces if you’d like. I’m available anytime, well almost anytime (4-kids you know), to answer your questions or to walk you through how a wedding day typically goes from the point of view of a photographer. I have tons of tips and tricks that will make your wedding day go smoother, and posing tips on how to look better in any photo. It’s all about the angles baby! 

If you are still reading this and want more information about what I am proud of accomplishing this past decade, here’s a list of where my work has been published/featured at:


My work is currently on display in the Smithsonian's Museum on Mainstreet Water/Ways traveling exhibit. My work has been displayed in Museums such as Musée de l’Élysée in Switzerland, as well as locally in art events such as Nude Night Orlando/Tampa, and RAW Artists Orlando. My work has hung in galleries such as Art Affair, Abbey, Funky Trunk Treasures, Newfangled and several bed & breakfasts. 

I have been published internationally in

I have had the privilege of working closely with several bands and singers such as Nova Rex and The Cog Is Dead.  My photos have been used in their album art, DVD covers, and in promotional materials, websites, blogs, and in magazines. My photography has been used on records such as “Come As You Are - A 20th Anniversary Tribute to Nirvana” as well as on book covers, TV shows, brochures and posters. 

I have photographed events such as

  • Trash 2 Trends,
  • Earthday Birthday,
  • RAW artists,
  • Award ceremonies,
  • Company parties,
  • Family reunions, 
  • Festivals,
  • Live performances 

I hope you take a look through my entire portfolio of work, and see how versatile I can be in working with a wide range of subjects and people. I make sure to stay current and relevant to my market by always reading, studying, and communicating with fellow artists. I currently am available to sub contract out my services to other photographers or companies to photograph weddings, events for corporations, art installments for local artists, and bands for local radio stations.

In addition to photography, I also offer graphic design to help you brand your business. For more help with organizing your brand and with marketing - I can assist you through

If you are interested in the traditional art side of my work check out my work

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